Lottery Instant Tracker

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Save Time & Money

  • Quickly scan tickets at end of shift
  • Eliminate calculation errors
  • Track/Monitor all ticket activity

Online Account Access

  • View all daily shift related activity
  • Manage users, inventory and shift events
  • Reliable online billing processing and payment options

Mobile Friendly Website

  • Access/manage your account and online billing from anywhere 24x7
  • View shift details, manage users and process online payments all from your mobile device
  • Save time by not being in the store to manage lottery sales

How Our Device Works

  • Each ticket is scanned at the end of every shift
  • Each ticket scanned calculates total sales for that shift
  • All end of shift calculations generated automatically and securely synced to your online account

Reduce Shrinkage

  • Each user has unique login
  • Every shift linked to specific user
  • Maintain accountability for all tickets on shift
  • Track any potential mishandling of tickets

Increase Your Lottery Sales

  • Add more games to your shelf
  • Track/monitor trends in your ticket sales
  • Increase your lottery customer base by reserving games for customers